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Senior Product Designer

OnTruck Actualizado hace 5 meses.
5 años de experiencia

Smart trucking. Efficiency and technology to transform the transport of goods by road.

Ontruck was founded in order to develop technologies which will make the road freight experience a smooth and efficient one for both truckers and for companies who send shipments.

We do this by drastically reducing the amount of empty kilometers traveled by goods vehicles, therefore optimizing their use and occupancy. Thanks to our product, hauliers secure loads more easily and companies who send shipments can do so quickly and comfortably. All this while contributing to conserving the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Ontruck is backed by French, British, German and Spanish investors, who are looking to reinvent the freight transport sector.

At Ontruck you will have a say in defining your role and how you will do it. You will have the freedom to try things that have never been tried and you will make a difference at a company that is changing an industry. We all share the same goal, and we would like you to be part of it.

What you will do

You will lead end-to-end projects from research to interaction and visual design. You will be given problems and you will be expected to find lean, viable and measurable solutions that align business goals with users needs. You will make zero assumptions about what users need. You will find out through research.

For that purpose, you will be a key member of a Squad where you will work hand in hand with Engineers, Data Analysts, Product Managers and Product Designers.

We value highly data-driven designers who can comfortably handle quantitative analysis.

Your skills and experience
  • This is a Senior position, so we expect you to be fully autonomous on solving a problem.
  • You're not afraid of tough challenges, both product-wise and technical, and like to contribute your views.
  • You've industry experience in designing solutions to hard problems and you are familiar with the whole product cycle: researching the problem, thinking out of the box, phasing and deciding with engineers, prototyping the solution, testing it with users and working with engineers to fully implement it.
  • You've more experience on researching and user experience than in visual design; but you are able to cover the full product cycle.
  • You care about the product you're building and the problem you're solving. The quality of the product that we ship is very important to you and you know how to communicate that importance to both external and internal stakeholders.
  • You are structured and organised and can communicate well with Product Managers, Designers, Users (external and internal) and Engineers and understand the nuances of communicating with each of the groups.
  • You enjoy working in a team and appreciate modern process techniques. You are polite when reviewing other people's work and take it well when you get feedback on yours.
  • You prefer working in a fast-paced start-up, with quick iterations, changes of direction and tight budgets over a hierarchical, well-structured corporation with clear and well-defined assignments, and career paths.
Other relevant info
  • Opportunities for personal growth and learning, every single day.
  • A flat, laid-back culture. Everybody is encouraged to participate in discussions and contribute.
  • High-trust environment. We believe in giving autonomy to all our employees.
  • Competitive compensation packages. We are looking for the very best talent, and will reward accordingly.
  • An awesome office in central Madrid (Delicias - Mendez Alvaro). We are easily accessible by public transport, as well as close to public bike stations.
  • Flexible schedule with work-from-home policy.