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SysOps Administrator

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Frenetic is a Spanish-German startup based in Madrid, working to reduce CO2 emissions, improving the efficiency of the electric systems.

We have been supported by international VC firms in Spain and the European commission with investments for building a great technology that accelerates the transition to a greener world.

We have offices in Madrid, Valencia, Munich and are looking forward to our US office at the end of 2021.

The company is formed by engineers, developers, scientists, mathematics, and business people with international profiles.

We already work with customers in more than 20 countries, like Airbus, Porsche, Siemens or Mercedes Benz.

Frenetic has an immediate need for a SysOps Administrator, a person to define and lead the networking in the company, supporting the CD/CI of the company, helping them on the day-day operations and mantain their cloud infraestructure.

Primary Responsibilities:
  •     Maintaince cloud infraestructure (AWS).
  •     Perform Linux operation, scripting and job scheduling (Ubuntu, Crontab).
  •     Configure connectivity through different protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSL/TLS, SSH, Port Forwarding, etc.).
  •     Set up application networking (Load Balancer, Firewall, Reverse Proxy, etc.).
  •     Use of CD/CI, deploy of template resources (Terraform, Pulumi, etc) and manage Docker containers.
 Why you might be excited about Frenetic
  1. We are working on changing a whole industry that will accelerate a cleaner world, decreasing CO2 emissions.
  2. We are relatively small (<100) and things happen very fast.
  3. The team you will find is based on very talented people, selected by their skills and ethical and moral integrity.
  4. We will provide you with all the tools you need.
  5. We will listen to your opinions.
  6. The salary is competitive and is revised every year.
  7. The timetable includes Friday afternoons free and summer reduced schedule
  8. Hybrid remote work. You can combine, office hours with work remotely

None of these are requirements but do describe the kind of people that we think would be most effective at Frenetic right now.

  1. Open to work in an international environment
  2. Optimist, enthusiastic person. We have a very good relationship between us, with a great sense of humor
  3. Moral integrity, respect to other persons, not only in the company but in the world
  4. Animal friendly
  5. Enjoy thinking through trade-offs, with both mindfulness of short-term needs and our long-term direction.
  6. Happy writing documentation so that others can ramp up super easy and you’re never a single-source-of-failure.
  7. Love discuss your ideas with others and teamwork.


Horario flexible
Horario de entrada y salida flexibles, libertad para gestionar asuntos personales o familiares.
Remote friendly
Libertad para trabajar algunos días de la semana desde casa.
Cursos y certificaciones
La empresa financia cursos de formación relacionados con las funciones del puesto.
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