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Site Reliability Engineer

Mercadona Actualizado hace 4 meses.
3 años de experiencia

At Mercadona Tech we are looking for a SRE to help us keep growing and making cool things to rebuild our e-commerce channel.
In 2016 Mercadona Tech was founded with the purpose of offering a brand new online shopping experience.
Our objective is to create a simple and intuitive online experience for our customers, complemented with a supply chain that strives for efficient logistics through technology. 
Since the delivery of our first order, our service has grown rapidly month over month, delivering and fulfilling 1,000’s of daily orders in Valencia, Barcelona and soon in Madrid. However, we won’t stop there as the rest of Spain is on our radar.
For this ambitious project we need your help!

You'll be part of the SRE team. It's a technical position and you'll be messing around with interesting technologies like Kubernetes. We are born in the Cloud so there will be space for experimenting and so improve that area too. 
Our SRE team is responsible for maintaining production, testing and ensuring the robustness of the system. We also help developers make their day-to-day work better by offering and maintaining tools that add value and facilitate their work, such as:
  • The CI / CD structure that we have mounted with Jenkins (+ docker)
  • The stack of Fluentd + Elasticsearch + Kibana / Grafana so they can monitor their applications and services.
  • We also maintain and develop the telemetry structure that we have deployed on Prometheus.
  • We are mainly a team that supports developers but we do not stay there, we have our own roadmap of improvements and advances. For example, we are exploring the hybrid cloud and automation to create Kubernetes clusters.

## In 1 month
You will know everything that is not visible to the public of the Mercadona Tech project. You will have gone to our Colmena (The warehouse from which we prepare the orders) and you will have been able to know first hand the process that we have created for the preparation and delivery of the orders .
In addition you will have received countless introductory talks about the infrastructure we have and the services / microservices and the teams that maintain and develop them. You will also have had some, little: D, of time to create from scratch a service with simple functionality to assimilate the development pipeline we have. All this you will do with one of us who will be your buddy so you do not get lost among so many things.

## In 3 months
You will have a much more detailed idea of infrastructure and teams. How we work and our names.
Most likely you will fly alone already and you will be assigned to one of the development teams as their trusted SRE.
You will also take bigger and bigger tasks and you can already start influencing infrastructure decisions.

## In 6 months
You are a fully SRE member. You will have the daily routine of a team and you can decide and prioritize your daily tasks. You will be able to think in the medium and long term what parts of the infrastructure / applications need love.
You will also have participated in some SRE spike to explore some new technology or big change.
Also as a member of the team you will have participated in the definition of common goals.

## How?
At the beginning with the help and guidance of your buddy and then with us, the SRE team. We are very nice people and we have a good sense of humor: D (Memes included)

## With whom?
Our SRE Team:
- Miquel Barceló, from Palma de Mallorca. If it is not in the office you can find it by descending the mountains on his bike.
- Bence Vér, from Budapest. At night he becomes a gamer.
- Pedro Díaz, from Valencia although after 7 years in Helsinki we have our doubts.


## You are experienced or know about:

  • Unix/Linux, bash scripting
  • TCP/IP, HTTP, seguridad, monitorización y logging
  • Docker, Kubernetes u otros sistemas de contenedores
  • PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch o similar
  • Competitive salaries and bonuses
  • The best equipment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Language course
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Office meetups and individual budget on conferences
  • Referral policy
  • Office in the heart of Valencia