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Product Owner

Ei Energía Independiente Actualizado hace 1 mes.
40.000€ - 60.000€
5 años de experiencia

In Ei we truly believe in a world powered by clean and renewable energy. A world where people choose a better way to power their homes, straight from their own roofs. A world with full transparency allowing people to save by controlling and managing their energy generation and consumption. 
We are “people-obsessed”, we like to take care of our team so that they can be focused on taking care of our customers. As any startup, our day-to-day is fast-changing since we’re constantly evolving and growing. We are building a data-driven business and a team based on transparency, knowledge-sharing and always-learning- attitude. 

What we´re looking for?

We are looking for people with entrepreneurial mindset, this is, people who understand the importance of their accountability to lead the clean energy revolution. It is crucial for our success to develop and improve our digital product ecosystem in a value-driven and user-focused way, so we are sure that we spend time and money in the smartest way in the right developments. Thus, our ideal Product Owners should:

  • Have at least five years of experience in similar roles
  • Naturally understand people and business needs by listening and making the right questions 
  • Be curious enough to get deeper into superficial problems to understand the root causes of these issues
  • Have a right balance between the three main skills required by a Product Owner: Business, Technology and User Experience
  • Feel comfortable in unstructured situations and know how to handle unexpected events 
  • Have excellent communication and negotiation skills 
  • Be Native Spanish Speaker but proficient in written/spoken English. (Extra bonus if you are fluent in Portuguese)

According to the role, the different Product Owners should demonstrate some particular experience and obsession:

  • PO Sales: experience creating and developing solutions for sales temas like Tasks Forces apps, tools to manage indirect channels and partnerships, prospection tools, budget simulators, etc. Focus on improving sales ratio and the generation of new streams for commercial opportunities
  • PO Delivery: experience creating tools for the automation and/or optimization of complex processes between different stakeholders. We value experience in the development of logistic tools or Field Service Applications. Focus on: process tracking, quality of results, continuous improvement, make life easier for our network of collaborators (installers, distributors, health & safety, processing ang legal)
  • PO Beyond (Monitoring and AfterSales): experience developing and implementing tools to capture data, processing and consumption of this data internally (client management teams) or externally (the client itself). Development of AI or ML algorithms to improve the company´s internal processes. Valuable experience in the development of data presentation tools for decision making, whether in the fintech, energy or telecommunications sector. Obsession for customer satisfaction and the use of data to generate new Cross-Selling or Upselling opportunities on existing customers, maximizing the value of the portfolio.
  • PO BackOffice: experience in the implementation of CRM or ERP tools for the systematization and continuous improvement of business processes and operations. Obsession for the efficiency and scalability of processes.
  • PO Finance: experience in the implementation of financing solutions platforms for clients. Obsession for the sophistication of economic proposals to clients through advanced financing solutions and the optimization of back office processes for the implementation of these solutions.
You will

If you join us in this adventure, you will: 

  • You will have full responsibility for the evolution of the digital assets of which you are the ‘owner’, ensuring that they provide the maximum value to the Company
  • You will have a close and empathetic relationship with the different stakeholders to understand their needs and the business impact of the digital products under your responsibility.
  • You will lead the definition of the long-term development roadmap of those same digital assets, prioritizing investment based on the value they contribute to the organization (improvement of key business indicators impacted by these tools)
  • You will effectively communicate and report both the development plans and the state of evolution of the different digital assets, always from the perspective of the value contributed (impact on key indicators)
We offer
  • Competitive salary based on experience: 40.000€ - 60.000€
  • Flexible work hours. We value results over hours spent 
  • The opportunity to grow in a team that is just taking off 
  • Since we are a brand-new company, we are working to have our perks ready soon 

If you don’t match our criteria but you like what you read about us and you feel like you could impress us, do not hesitate to apply. We think every person can bring value to the team regardless of its background or personal conditions. 

Horario flexible
Horario de entrada y salida flexibles, libertad para gestionar asuntos personales o familiares.
Cursos y certificaciones
La empresa financia cursos de formación relacionados con las funciones del puesto.
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