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Senior Mobile Developer

Orbit Technology Actualizado hace 1 semana.
Remoto (Sede en Norway/Spain)
5 años de experiencia

Do you embrace flexible working days and a suitable office environment? Do you want to scale the best parts of offices and eliminate the waste?

If so, at Orbit you have the opportunity to revolutionise how modern workers experience the office

Full-time, Remote (Norway/Spain)

Orbit is reinventing the workplace, and we are looking for people to join us on our mission to make a sustainable impact on the office experience.

If you are curious, you can read more about us and how we work by checking out our website, our public company handbook. You can also learn more about our recruitment process.

What you will be doing

Our app launched in January 2021 for both Android and iOS, so you will assist Orbit's development team to ensure that our apps and API run smoothly as we come to the end of our Beta testing and reach a wider audience as well as we grow the team.

As a mobile developer, you will help us fix the world-wide office capacity and waste problem by working on our React Native code base and you will get your hands dirty with iOS/Android native code when required (specially the part related to NFC as that is key for our office access management hardware). Not only that, but you will help Orbit bring the native app experience to the next level with your knowledge.

We are a product centric company, which means that you will be collaborating directly with everyone else to realise our product vision and iterate it. We believe that technology is a means to an end, not an end in itself. We are a startup and while our focus is our customers, we like trying new ideas, which is why we want to have a short feedback loop across the entire development process, from idea to deployment.

In 1 month

You will know the name of your colleagues (although we don’t expect you to be able to pronounce them correctly!). You will have a good understanding of the entire tech stack as well as Orbit’s mission and vision.

You will start getting familiar with our code base and you will start getting your hands dirty with the project and even getting your first pieces of code into the customer's hands.

In 3 months

You will be an active contributor to the team and you will have shipped a few features and bug fixes already.

You will have a better understanding of our app and you will start to identify and share the main areas of improvements, both for quality and performance, using your mobile development experience.

In 6 months

Our codebase will hold little secrets for you at this point. You will be a reference for the team in your native area of expertise.

You will have already implemented some improvements around our development process and architecture. You will be a key contributor to our testing and automation efforts.

You probably will also have pushed some PHP code to our API for adding that extra attribute you needed in the response of that existing endpoint.

You will embody, understand and improve on our guiding principles. You will make an impact at Orbit by making it a great place to work and a quality product you are proud of.

How will you do it

We don’t believe in silos and we aim to build T-shaped teams, where everyone is a master of their own trade but can roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in other areas to keep things moving. If you are blocked because you are missing a simple CRUD endpoint in the API, we will expect you to get at it. The same way, we believe quality is the responsibility of the whole team and part of the individual development process, which is why we don’t have dedicated QA Engineers.

Regardless of your expertise, we are all part of the same team working towards the same goal. If someone fails, we all fail.

Being part of a small team, you will join us in our path to growth, which means that at times you will have to wear different hats and that the next step won’t always be obvious. We understand that this will be challenging and even frustrating at times, but the reward is complete and absolute trust and flexibility as well as a world of opportunity.

Who will you do it with

We are a small company (less than 20 people) and you will get to collaborate with everyone, but you will likely interact with these people on a daily basis.

  • Johan Jøsok (Engineering manager). Designer at heart, Johan leads the existing tech team and helps communicate and facilitate the what and the why. His main contribution is defining the foundation for great collaboration. He obsesses about everything he puts his mind to – which is typically a sports activity. Currently it is running and biking.
  • Daniel Bentes (Chief Digital Architect). Co-founder at Orbit, Daniel has vast experience in leading technological innovation in big companies, and now he is helping Orbit achieve its goal through innovation as well. Daniel always has a link or two to share. He’s also a Shapeshifting Rogue Tank.
  • Bjørn-Erik Andreasen (Tech lead). A jack of all trades, Bjørn is “the guy” when it comes to our tech. He is a curious, knowledgeable and enthusiastic engineer from whom you’ll learn the inner guts of our tech stack. He also knows just enough Russian to confidently say "That is not an apple, it’s a circus".
  • Jose Escobar (Senior Engineering manager). Based in Spain and one of the most recent additions to the team, Jose is helping scaling up our tech team. He has experience managing multiple teams and a really bad sense of humor.
When and Where will you do it

We are open to anybody working from within the European Union. Our company is currently established in Norway and Spain, and we have a cool office in Norway Oslo (and considering opening one in southern Spain).

You are welcome to work 100% remote and/or work from our office in Norway (and Spain when available) at your own discretion. We also truly value work-life balance, which is why we offer a flexible working schedule. You know yourself better than anyone and you have our full trust (we wouldn’t employ you otherwise!), so as long as you are there for your team when needed, you decide.

Who you are

You can read more about our current tech stack in our public handbook. You’ll realise that React Native was our obvious choice but we want you to be a big part of making Orbit tech grow beyond our initial MVP. In other words, we are looking for an experienced mobile developer with a curious mindset and attitude who learns quickly.

  • You have at least a few years of experience in mobile development. You are familiar with mobile architecture, tools, patterns, etc.
  • You have experience working with React Native.
  • You care about code quality. You are familiar with SOLID, CLEAN and good design principles. Testing is not something you read about in a book, but it's ingrained in your own development process.
  • You are more than comfortable with Git
  • You are experienced in interacting with RESTful APIs
  • You are familiar with CI/CD and its benefits
  • You have an agile mindset. You iterate quickly so you can validate your idea and deliver the value to the customer as fast as possible.
  • You are a true team player. We don’t want lone wolves or ticket pushers, we want enablers and innovators who ask for help when needed.

You will score a huge plus if.

  • You have experience with Android or iOS native development
  • You have developed and launched a large-scale product from scratch
  • You have some experience with API development
  • You have some experience with PHP
What we offer
  • 100% remote working
  • Flexible schedule
  • Private health insurance
  • Top notch gear: Macbook Pro, iPhone and Airpods Pro
  • 50€/month to help with utility bills
  • Your birthday off! Enjoy it with your family and friends.
  • Personal development and training budget
Horario flexible
Horario de entrada y salida flexibles, libertad para gestionar asuntos personales o familiares.
Seguro médico
La empresa ofrece o financia un seguro de salud, además del reglamentario.
Cursos y certificaciones
La empresa financia cursos de formación relacionados con las funciones del puesto.
La empresa proporciona un ordenador o móvil para realizar las funciones de trabajo.
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El día de tu cumpleaños lo tienes libre.
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