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Paack Actualizado hace 1 mes.
45.000€ - 65.000€
3 años de experiencia

Paack is one of the hottest technology start-ups in the logistics sector. It was founded in 2015 by three Spanish friends and, since then, the company is experienced strong global growth and presently operates in 70 cities across four countries. All of our success is backed by a number of renowned European investors.  And this is just the start.

We believe that the future of eCommerce deliveries is customer-controlled time-slots, combined with a nature-positive approach to sustainability. We are on a mission to make this the new standard.

Our truly customer-centric and sustainable delivery services ensure customers receive parcels at their convenience, at a time that suits them. Our proprietary technology combined with our operational excellence enables us to deliver parcels more successfully and efficiently than ever before.

This creates unprecedented results for our retail clients through customer experience, eCommerce sales increases, loyalty, and retention, thus empowering them with powerful competitive advantages whilst at the same time reducing the impact of deliveries on the environment. The best retailers in the world, such as Amazon, Inditex Group (Zara), H&M, El Corte Ingles, and many more choose Paack as their exclusive partner for deliveries due to these reasons.

Our team

Paack is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace, committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We are multicultural, multilingual, highly qualified, entrepreneurial, and inherently, we like to work hard. We enjoy all the challenges of scaling a global technology and logistics business, and we face them with ambition.

The engineering team has a flat management structure. The teams are organized by products. Technical decisions are made as a team taking in the feedback and thought process of the engineers. Team members are free to move between different teams based on the feedback of their team members and the status of their project.

Paack’s IT team is full-remote, we work from different locations across the globe in different time zones. We are around 30 people in the dev team and growing.

Company values
  • we care: about our customers, our team, and want to be a great place to work.
  • we thrive: thinking out-of-the-box, loving changes, and growing beyond expectations.
  • we innovate: we are not here to do the same, and we are ambitious to arrive further.
What we look for

We are looking for a software engineer that is a good team player, has good communication skills, and is comfortable working in a full-remote environment.

We value these soft skills:

  • empathy: you can put yourself in another person’s shoes.
  • patience: you are able to understand some things take time.
  • open-mindedness: you are able to receive and process advice, even when you think in a different way.
  • adaptability: when things change you are able to go along.
  • proactivity: you don’t wait for things to happen.
  • creativity & critical-thinking: you take time to think out-of-the-box.
  • problem-solving: you know when not to take time to think out-of-the-box and just fix whatever is needed.
  • humility: you understand that everybody can make mistakes.
  • collaboration and team-work: you understand that the team has different skillsets and you are able to help others with your strengths.

We are looking for someone with experience in software engineering, not programming. We value people that can think about trade-offs, understand testing is a must, and value cleanness and simplicity in their software designs.

We don’t care how many years of experience you have, if you have some of the following skills then we should talk:

  • SOLID principles practitioner
  • Testing and TDD lover
  • Clean code fan
  • Infrastructure and UNIX systems understanding (ideally Cloud environments)
  • Proficient with git and GitHub, or similar workflows
  • DDD and Hexagonal Architecture knowledge

Of course, since this is about a Go position, we also value proven experience in Go. However, we value more the above points than Go experience.

What you will do

You will join a team of gophers who take care of developing backend solutions for a wide range of Paack systems. You will design solutions in a microservices, event-driven architecture. You will help us scale decoupling a Rails monolith into smaller Go services. You will talk with Operations and Product teams to analyze the provided use cases and design their implementation.

We are in sync with the agile principles, in their most original form. We don’t follow any agile framework but pick what’s best for us. We try to automate as much as we can.

Our stack
  • Go, with libraries like testify and chi, and linters such as golangci-lint, and gofumpt.
  • PostgreSQL as a database server, via upper.io
  • RabbitMQ as a message broker, with protobufs
  • gqlgen as GraphQL adapter
  • GKE with Istio as a deployment platform for k8s, with Helm.

You can learn about how we have implemented the Hexagonal Architecture for package design, DDD patterns, and CQS in this presentation.

What we offer


  • a long-term, full-remote contract with immediate incorporation
  • a laptop allowance, and other hardware for a good remote work setup
  • a competitive salary
  • a good budget for self-learning: books, workshops, conferences…
  • 23 days’ annual leave
Horario flexible
Horario de entrada y salida flexibles, libertad para gestionar asuntos personales o familiares.
Remote friendly
Libertad para trabajar algunos días de la semana desde casa.