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Go Engineer

Loyyal Actualizado hace 6 meses.
65.000€ - 100.000€
5 años de experiencia

We’re solving challenging technical problems including observability, reliability and performance of distributed networks, distributed identity management and transaction synchronization across disparate platforms. We’re looking for enthusiastic and talented engineers to join our tight-knit team to help us tackle the hard problems at the frontiers of distributed systems.

When you wake up you may have unread messages of inspiration from our early rising CEO. You can glance at them and make a mental note to revisit them in normal human hours since asynchronous communication is encouraged. You’ll arrive at the office and nod to yourself about the modern facilities and say something like “this sure beats that literal garage I worked in that one time.”

At your desk you’ll quickly craft (or remind yourself of) your objectives for the day using asynchronous goal tracking tools. Then you’ll get straight to work. At Loyyal you own your time and push forward to achieve the goals of the company that are most important at the time. Today you could do any of the following:

- performance test a blockchain;
- improve the readability of Go code;
- hire more engineers;
- fix a Kafka / Zookeeper configuration issue;
- design a distributed identity management system;
- improve production support of the Loyyal platform;
- improve observability of a distributed system with log aggregation, alerts,
metrics, and traces;
- migrate a monolith to microservice architecture in Go;
- and much more!

Whatever you’re doing, chances are you’re learning something new and expanding your skill set.

During the day you’ll pause every now and then to make a comment about how floral tracksuits are fresh or to share your very good idea for a new episode of Black Mirror. At the end of every day you’ll have pushed forward the goals of the company in a concrete way. What’s more you’ll have made Loyyal’s vision of revolutionizing the loyalty industry by reducing barriers to entry and enabling novel functionality that much brighter and closer.


- 5+ years of experience in software engineering
- 2+ years of experience in and passion for Go
- You have familiarity with and passion for blockchain technology
- Specific working knowledge/expertise in Kafka/Zookeeper
- You write high quality, well tested code to meet the needs of your customers
- You’ve designed, built, scaled and maintained production services
- You’re passionate about blockchain and distributed ledger technology
- You’ve worked in a startup environment previously
- Up to 10% travel may be required

Bonus Points

- You’re on top of latest Go and blockchain best practices
- Cryptography and identity management knowledge