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Chief Technology Officer

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We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer for a startup with a challenging vision: transforming the insurance industry with Visual Intelligence solutions.

Last year's achievements and this year's objectives have made us realize we have jumped into a new stage as a company. And we have been reflecting on what more is needed to have the required dream team to succeed. I am convinced that this startup is facing a totally different stage as a company that requires people with different soft and hard skills.

💪 If you joined the team as the CTO, these are going to be some of the main challenges for your first 3 months

If I could tell you one thing only, it would be this one:

Solving problems and automating their solutions requires a comprehensive product with advanced AI models, outstanding UX, and scalable infrastructure that supports both. We are looking for someone who can piece together these requirements.

But since I caught your attention, let me tell you more. These are all the challenges that you will be facing:

Create a great engineering culture that fulfills our mission. Inspire the team and set the example. Become their leader and their reference.

Develop the technical vision of the product. Help us identify technical challenges at each step of the customer journey and play a key role in solving them.

Set the stage for a code and an infrastructure that scales as much as we are going to need.

Own the development cycle from start to finish (along with the CPO). Take ownership of your work and responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way.

Promote best practices amongst the development team. Set the example. Define best practices and principles for their daily work.

Ensure we have the right team in place for the challenges ahead. And we know this is not an easy task. We expect the new CTO to:

  • Identify if everyone in the team is a perfect match or help us put actions in place if that is not the case with each member of it.
  • Identify what roles or people are missing and help us hire them.
  • Keep the development, support, and infrastructure teams in the best shape. It means that they have an inner working cycle in place that allows them to work beautifully and efficiently synchronized both internally and externally with product and data teams.

Analyse current delivery capacity and take it to the next level.

  • Defining and implementing the right ways of working along with the product team led by our CPO.

Help us build a top-level QA Automation function and team . We have a QA Automation Lead joining the team in April. He has expertise in building things from the ground up but we'll need you to support him and the rest of the QA team make the QA function to truly meet high quality standards.

💻 What is the required technical knowledge?

Experience in development teams of apps based on Javascript. Deep knowledge of Angular 6+, Node.js and Python.

A certain level of Data Science background. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning knowledge. Skills in Deep Learning frameworks, experience working on machine learning, and knowledge of applied Machine Learning techniques in Computer Vision or NLP.

Cloud infrastructures.

Microservices architecture.

QA Automation.

👩‍💻 👨‍💻 What soft-skills do we want to find in a CTO?

An inside & outside leader. Leading by example with your team and showing leadership to the world with your charisma and the strength that an ambitious vision will provide you.

A team player by design. You will have two teams: the engineering team and the C-level team. We need you to be a team player in both of them. We need you to play a key role in aligning the talents and energies of our employees with strategic objectives that you will help us define.

In love with technology and with the dream of scaling a tech company. Someone with a broad knowledge of the technology that we needs today and the one that will be needed tomorrow. A person that believes that the role of a CTO is defining technical principles and setting technical standards by understanding the present and future needs and who knows how and when to ask the right and relevant questions for the team to decide and perform at the best level.

Our own version of a “T-shaped” person. Feet on the ground to focus on the team's daily activities and needs while head on the clouds to focus on things such as long-term product and technical needs.

Zoom in and Zoom out capacity. Someone who loves building the long-term vision but also loves going deep on current problems. Close to architecture and code and always looking for consistency and simplicity while in charge of processes and people management.

Customer-oriented with a product-mind approach. Someone who knows how valuable it is to be able to adapt your service to any company needs but who understands and advocates the systematic approach of “build a product general enough to serve almost any use case with the minimum level of personalization and complexity”. We develop flexible products but we do not develop fully customized services.

Good writing and communication skills for different interlocutors levels. Having the capacity to write and communicate a clear vision on how the team should work today and tomorrow and how we approach problems is key to build the right things at the right pace.

Someone who listens to anyone's opinion. We encourage each member of the team to express their ideas, concerns, or feelings in public or in private.

Someone who knows how to give, receive and process feedback. We love to work on what we call a "radical candor" or "radical honesty" environment. We believe it's better for the product, the team, and the company if we build an environment where everyone can be honest and respectful when giving and receiving feedback.

🧠 What is our desired mindset for CTO?

Visionary and integrator; grower and builder. Knows how to execute today activities but also has in mind what is the long-term vision we are aiming for. Someone who is a great executor, a great manager, good at holding people accountable, and who creates consistency and prioritization. But at the same time, he or she is a great leader, has lots of ideas, is a big-picture thinker, a relationship person, and a creative problem solver who understands business needs.

A doer and an achiever. Someone who knows decisions are not always easy but are a necessary part of the process. Someone who is not afraid of taking risks or making difficult decisions if and when necessary.

Someone who enjoys leading people and setting the engineering vision as much as coding. Developing features is not perceived as something that he/she did in the past but something that he/she would love to have more time to do today. We believe that a good CTO should be able to fix a bug or define a user story because he/she perfectly understands the platform code. We don't believe in CTOs who are closer to docs and excels than the code repository.

An efficient decision-maker. Someone who does not put off making decisions by endlessly searching for more information but someone who takes action instead. A person that feels comfortable taking the bull by the horns when needed because he/she understands decision-making is one of the more important responsibilities.

An agile methodology and culture believer. Someone who embraces agile methodology as the most efficient way to deliver a product but who also understands that processes are to be challenged, iterated, and adapted to each team's needs. Someone who shares our vision of not following strictly any agile methodology but building our own product and tech culture based on agile principles that evolves as the company grows.

Someone who promotes best practices amongst the technical team and owns problems and solutions from start to finish. Works with others to support ideation and development of these ideas. Take ownership of the team's work and responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way. Collaborates with developers to make sure that product needs and features are translated perfectly when coded.

👷‍♀️👷 What is the desired working experience?

He/She has experience in setting the technical vision of the product and the engineering culture. Knows how to escalate the team and what it takes to build a reliable middle management technical team capable of taking decisions based on both cultural and technical common principles.

Someone who has led a scale-up process. The startup is at a stage where we need to hire a lot more engineers to satisfy customer demands. That’s a great problem to have. But a higher headcount means more polished processes. The CTO needs to have experience in scaling up the technical team with speed but control and consistency.

Some who has led development, QA, infrastructure and support teams. We want to find someone who has been in a CTO role before with a team of +40 people or at least has been an Engineering Manager with a team of +20 people. It 's essential that he/she has been in a management position for at least 3 years.

Someone who has experience in building engineering career paths. Someone who, on the people management side, likes talking about career progression and working with engineers to help them grow and get promoted.

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