Sobre Plexigrid

Plexigrid’s purpose is to make the energy transition faster and more affordable for billions of people around the world. 
The energy transition is at the core of the world’s fight against climate change, also known as “the race to zero”. The transition involves replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy as well as electrifying transport, industry, heating/cooling, etc. The combination of an increasingly de-centralized and weather dependent electricity production with an explosive growth of electricity demand is creating unprecedented challenges in our electricity grids, which are hampering the speed and affordability of the transition. 
Plexigrid’s technology addresses and solves these challenges by integrating and orchestrating the grid with all the flexible loads connected to it (electric vehicles, batteries, solar PV, heat pumps, AC Units…) in a smart and flexible way. 
Plexigrid is a software company dedicated to the development of energy management platforms for utilities. It currently has 3 platforms, an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) platform for Distribution Systems Operators (DSOs), a DERMS (Distributed Energy Resources Management System) for electricity retailers and aggregators and an EDGE platform that is implemented in IoT devices at net station, building or user level and can connect to the ADMS or DERMS.