Dive brings contexts to content. It is a game-changer that transforms the way we watch movies and TV-shows, and revolutionises the video advertising.

Dive is an context discovery platform that turns any element on the screen (movies, TV-shows) into an open window for discovery, knowledge, conversation, sharing and even commerce. It identifies all different elements in movies, TV-shows and videos (from a shirt’s brand to a beach’s location) in real-time and curates a layer of contextual information that is actionable, i.e. one tap to discover and second tap to take action, e.g. - Buy the shirt or book a trip directly!

Dive enables seamless Omni-screen interactive access to contexts and other details that you discover in movies and TV-shows. Actors, Fashion, Beauty, Decoration, Automobiles, Music, History, Locations, ... and more (20 different categories).

VALUE FOR CONSUMERS - It changes the way we watch videos, making the experience "contextually immersive"​.

VALUE FOR BUSINESSES - A disruptive channel to reach highly segmented users in critical "micro-moments of truth"​.

Dive works completely independently of the studios, broadcasters or the devices, which makes it truly scalable. This is a result of a unique and scalable process developed by Dive that uses automated object recognition using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques of Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Machine Learning, which transforms an entire movie or TV-episode into interactive ones in just few hours.


- IE Venture Day 2015

- Actualidad Económica top innovative ideas 2015

- Tie50 (Silicon Valley) innovative startups

- EU Horizon 2020 innovation grant

- Digital Top 50 Awards 2016

- Zinc Shower 2016 for transformational creativity