Sobre Apply Digital Systems

Apply Digital Systems have launched a Full Enterprise Solution labelled The Apply Platform. Our platform is actively used by Fortune 500, Forbes Global 2000 and other major corporations. The team behind Apply have been a part of disrupting and rethinking multiple industries. Our Founders, Co-founders and Investors played pivotal roles in leading success for, Adyen, Zumba Fitness, Golden Gekko and GFI. Why Apply Apply believes in making enterprise solutions straightforward and user-friendly. That’s why we created The Apply Platform, an app development solution that integrates enterprise workflows into customisable, native apps. Enterprise Apps have not caught up to the superior user experiences known and loved with consumer apps. Apply has changed this. We offer a cloud-based solution to expose the necessary data in a user-friendly mobile interface for your specific user case, significantly faster than ever before. We utilise existing enterprise legacy platforms, enabling companies to continue growing previous investments. We achieve this by building applications on top current enterprise platforms, enhancing your current structure by becoming a “platform on top of platforms” Apply provides a state of the art user experience adopting a no-code approach, with the ability to build MVPs and Prototypes within a day. Then from MVPs to launched high-performance native mobile applications in weeks. With Apply your business gains a high-performance native mobile application adapted to your needs. It seamlessly integrates with your employees’ everyday working lives whether used to drive revenue, enhance employee engagement, increase customer satisfaction, or a use-case specific to your needs. Additionally consumer-facing applications would increase loyalty, engagement and sales. The Apply Platform allows stakeholders and management to have a single overview of company business intelligence, in real time